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Zapier platform (GUI) - unable to fix T004 and T006 for a concrete trigger

  • 29 April 2020
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Hi Zapier community!

I’m trying to integrate our application into zapier platform - for now using the UI and not CLI

The only remaining publishing tasks pending to fix is related with one concrete trigger and related with the errors T004 and T006. 

Our application allows to create virtual meetings and record them.

We have a trigger that provides the url of the recording of the meeting once the recording is available and we have tested it via zap, uploading that recording to youtube. We have created a successful task and tested live. So far so good. Nevertheless the publishing errors T004 and T006 does not go away (Polling Sample / Static Sample Contains a Subset of Keys from Live Result)

The polling URL works ok, and same response data is populated into the sample data of the “define your output”. 

This is an example of our polling data which is the same as the sample data (and same output fields)

  "content": {
    "id": "123456",
    "name": "Example Meeting",
    "sequenceId": "45435299",
    "server": "serverxxxxx",
    "token": "A45435252",
    "url": "http://serverxxxxxx/xxxxx"
  "date": "2020-04-29T07:26:32.494Z[utc]",
  "event": "added_recording",
  "type": "meeting"


And the live response is the following (example)

    "type": "meeting",
    "event": "added_recording",
    "date": "2020-04-29T08:57:04.409Z",
    "content": {
        "token":  "A45435252",",
        "startTime": "2020-04-29T08:56:23.000Z",
        "duration": "00:00:19",
        "name": "zapier",
        "server": "serverxxxxx",
         "url": "http://serverxxxxxx/xxxxx"
        "sequenceId": "45435299",
        "id": "123456"


Polling and static sample are a subset of fields of the live response (All fields are the same except startTime and duration)

The publishing checks is complaining about the object “content”

Static sample includes fields not found in latest task history (ID: 0066384a-396e-abc1-84a3-ff3a6c0e6a10); extra keys: "content"

Polling sample in Zap 85580396 includes fields not found in latest task history (ID: 0066384a-396e-abc1-84a3-ff3a6c0e6a10); extra keys: "content"

and I don’t understand why.


The funny thing is that we have another trigger which is triggered when a user attachs a file to a meeting and is the EXACT SAME OBJECT (same fields) as the recording trigger event, - the url corresponds to the attachment - but the fields are exactly the same, also the same from the polling and static samples. However the mentioned publishing errors do not happen for this case, even having same exact fields definition.


I will hope to get some light from you on these problems or some path I can investigate.

Many thanks in advance. Great platform BTW 🙂 Hope to get integrated soon






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Hi @adrianliarte Thanks for your post and all the great detail here. I think that it would be best if the Support Team take a closer look at this one, I’ve escalated this post to them and someone will be in touch as soon as possible!

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Hi @Danvers 

Many thanks for your answer and your action!

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Hi @adrianliarte ,

Circling back here as I see you were able to connect with Kirk in Support who relayed this is a validation bug we are trying to wrangle! Please let us know if you are having any trouble publishing or if you need further support here- happy to help!

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Hi @Liz_Roberts 

Thanks for keeping in touch. For past weeks we have stop our current integration as we have other topics on our side but we are going to resume the integration and publishing soon (probably in two weeks or even sooner)

If the validation problem persist I will contact you and Kirk once we want to go for publishing.

Thanks again for the support!

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HI @Liz_Roberts 

I see that the problem with the validation bug has been resolved

We are going to resume our integration and publishing as our validation is all OK