Post method return a hydrated response | How to access the response header ?

  • 15 November 2022
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I'm integrating Zoho bookings with fiken API but I'm facing a problem. 
 when I use a Post method in response it gives me a file with a hydrated URL or something like that:


but I want to get the response header  for further progress

how i can solve these problems plz let me know. 
Thank you  

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Hi @peter123! 👋 

when I use a Post method in response it gives me a file with a hydrated URL

When a Zapier app integration makes an API request to an endpoint that returns a file, the Zapier platform  won’t actually download the file unless it is used (selected) in a following action step in a Zap. Until that time, an internal “dehydration pointer” is returned, i.e. the hydrate||| string.

You can read more about dehydration/hydration here:

I want to get the response header for further progress 

You can get access to response headers using the getHeader(key) method of the response object:

If you’re building your app using the UI (visual builder), you can switch to “code mode” to write code that accesses the response object, such as the getHeader(key) method:

Could you give that a try and let us know how things go?