How to get response from Zapier?

  • 13 January 2023
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We are working on an Integration of our application with Neon CRM via Zapier. We are able to successfully send the message to Zapier via Web APIs. We are using Polling trigger to call our APIs . We want to capture the response at Zapier whether our response is successfully received by Zapier or not. How can we get  a success or failed message from Zapier to our app. 

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3 replies

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Hi @Mary Britto 👋

I see you’ve opened up a ticket with our Support team and they can assist best with specifics to the Neon CRM integration.

Generally, you can see all requests being made to your API by your triggers in the monitoring tab to see the requests your Zapier integration is making and the responses received: 
You may need to adjust the Chart Filter for the correct timeframe, then you can click on any data point there in order to see the full error message and logs.

If you’ve just setup your polling trigger configuration:, you’ll want to at least Test the Request in the Developer Platform to see any logs. And best practice is to add the trigger to a Zap and turn it on, to see those requests being made to your API.



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Thanks @MarinaH  for your quick response. Sorry one more question. I want to receive response back in my application to store it in DB. Is there any way to get back success/fail response?

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Hi @Mary Britto,

A polling trigger would be making a request from Zapier TO your NeonCRM API and receiving a response back.

When you say a success/fail response, do you mean if the trigger’s poll resulted in a Zap performing an action in another app? That would not be a value passed back to your API, but the user would see the successful runs of a Zap with a NeonCRM trigger in their Zap History: