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Get trigger app name

  • 29 September 2020
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Hi there,

I’m trying to integrate our app (Gameball) with Zapier, but I had a problem.

I need the trigger app name & trigger app event to use it in our action configurations, so is it possible to get them? and how can I get them?

for example, someone use Gmail as a trigger app and New Email as a trigger event & Gameball as action.
I need to get this information (Gmail, New Email) inside action configurations.


Thanks all.


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Hi @Abdelrahman20, With a Zapier integration, your app is only aware of what goes on with the triggers and actions you build, and only have access to the data the user explicitly decided to share with your app when they map data to your input fields.  You’ll have no visibility into what goes on in the other steps in your user’s Zap, or any data not explicitly mapped into your input fields. 

You’ll need to design actions so that they perform equally well, independent of what app triggered it.  Likewise, triggers can’t assume that an action of any particular app is going to consume the data provided.  

What is it that you’re need to do in your action with that info?  I’ll bet someone here suggest a different way of accomplishing the same end, without explicitly knowing those details.

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Thank you for this information.
Our app needs a data called “event name” which will be triggerAppName_triggerEvent 
I want to get this without asking the user to provide it.
But there is no problem asking the user if it not available.

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I would, to you and to others reading, not recommend adding an input field asking the user what trigger is used in the Zap - at least if you are planning on making your Zapier integration public.  Unless there’s a clear, user-centered, reason for requiring it, and unless the user experience of providing the info is made super easy, the integration is likely to be rejected by the review team.  I’d rather you not get that far and have to fundamentally rework things.  (If you’re building this for your own use, of course, you’re free to build however you like.)

Further, and more importantly, your action should not need to depend on the specific details of the rest of the Zap, and that’s generally a signal that something needs to be rethought.  We’re happy to help come up with alternative approaches if you can share why you need, and how you’ll use that information.   

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@Zane I understand your point, but sometimes the trigger name could serve as a metadata for the actions. For example, if we have an action “Lead import” and we are using triggers from Facebook, Google or some landing page integration, it would be nice to get the information about the source through which the Lead came. At the moment that’s not possible. I totally agree that it shouldn't affect the logic itself but an information about a trigger should be available.