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Hey everyone, I’m facing a MYSQL error, everything was working perfectly, I have 97 zaps connected to MYSQL and was running good until Friday, I have the Zapier IPs added in the Firewall, the MYSQL version is 5.7, and nothing changed on the server side, everyone can connect on MYSQL Instance normally.

On the server side everything is perfect, there is no lost connection or anything. Tried already, restart the server, restart MYSQL service, open the Firewall, add a new MYSQL user with ADMIN PREVILEGES, nothing works, and the problem is that I can not add a new connection, but sometimes the connection starts to work again, for example:

Yesterday at 08:24pm it started to work again, I could even run some zaps with no error message, and suddenly 2 minutes later it stopped again.

I checked the MYSQL connection limit and it is not even close to the limit. 

The first screen shot when the connection was tested with success:


2 Minutes later, the connection was lost again, and this still like this, sometimes it works and then a few minutes later stop again:


In the Firewall rule the ZAPIER IPs is added:


Someone has any idea of how to fix it? or is it a Zapier error?

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