Zapier + Twilio domain issue

  • 3 January 2024
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Hi there, 


I’m using this action step Twilio - “API Request (beta)”, and trying to send an API call to a Twilio Function. 

The URL of my Twilio function is https://************


However I get this error:

Failed to create a http request in Twilio

Domain did not match expected domain filter(s) `*`.

See Screenshot



The domain of my Twilio Function is a legit Twilio domain, and I haven’t found a way to change it to anything that matches the domain filter `*`.


Anyone able to help? 




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4 replies

that looks like a bug as all Twilio Functions have ** domain.

Doesn’t it? 

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The API Request option is configured behind the scenes to expect a specific domain for the app’s API.

That means you’d have to try using the Webhook or Code.


Help info about the Twilio API Authentication:

You can try these alternatives for using App APIs in Zaps:


I was trying to avoid using the Webhook API step to avoid having to handle auth. 

Does the above look like a Zapier bug to you or something I’m doing wrong? 

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Hi @LostE 

You can try these alternatives for using App APIs in Zaps: