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ZAP is not triggert by webhook

  • 26 January 2021
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Hey everybody!

I have created a ZAP which should be triggert by a webhook. This works when i test the webhook with test data. Only when i use real data nothing happens. 

General info

We try to connect two systems, Wordbee and HubSpot. Wordbee generates webhooks based on new orders. So every time a new order is created in Wordbee, A webhook is filled with data. This works. I can see all the generated webhooks with the data. In this webhook, the URL generated by Zapier is entered so this should trigger the zap. Unfortunately, this trigger is not working. 

Does this issue sound familiar to anybody and can anybody suggest any solution to this issue?





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5 replies

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Hi @DaveLQ2021! 

Check your Zap Runs here to see if the Zaps are triggering but resulting in errors:

Check to make sure your Zap is ON.

Are you using the new or legacy version of the Webhooks Catch Hook trigger for your Zap?

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Hi @DaveLQ2021!,

When you set up the webhook on Wordbee, what’s your method? Post or Get? I normally use Get.

You can also generate a “test” url, using the URL that Zapier generated, and adding a few extra information to it, like this:

“contact_id” is one of the parameters that you set up on Wordbee, and the number would be the unique ID that Wordbee gives to the contact. This is just an example. I’m not familiar with Wordbee.

Then you can copy that address and past in in your browser. If it works, you will get a confirmation displaying the information that you sent to zapier, and the zap should trigger. 

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Hey @Troy Tessalone ! Thanks for your answer. We did look at the history and we do see that the zap is not triggert. The Zap is ON so that is not the issue either.  Any other idea’s?


Hey @blungo !

Thanks for your answer. The webhook is placed on POST. We can try GET instead. Why do you use this setting? 

I will try the test as you describe. Will come back with the results of the test.

Thanks both of you!



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@DaveLQ2021!  Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

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Thanks @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu, the problem was solved!