Webhook firing intermitantly

  • 28 November 2022
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I’ve set up a very basic Zap with a vFair trigger.  The trigger uses a Webhook.  The trigger is fired when somebody registers for a specific event in vFair, (there is only one event set up).

The problem is that only a few of the registrations in vFair are triggering the Zap, others do not appear in the Zap history at all.  This makes it very difficult to troubleshoot - from vFair’s side they can show that the webhook has triggered in their logs, but in Zapier there is no record of the record being received.

Can anyone shed any light on how to find the cause and fix it?

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3 replies

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Hi @Lawrance T 


Please check this resource on how to troubleshoot your Webhook


As the article says, if this continues to be an issue after trying all the steps, it’s a good idea to contact support.

Hi @MohSwellam  - thanks for the response.  I’ve put this post up after contacting Zapier support on their recommendation.

The issue isn’t whether the Webhook fires or doesn’t fire, but that it appears as if it does not fire every time.  Seemingly intermittent issues are always hardest to solve.

Do you know if the free version of Postman will allow me to trigger a webhook? 

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Hi @Lawrance T 


Thanks for the clarification. 


Yes, a free version of Postman would work, you can just enter the data you want to send to the Webhook and then click on Refresh Data in the trigger to see if you received it.