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Triggering a Zap by clicking a URL?

  • 5 August 2020
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I’m connecting several apps to Asana. In Asana I have set my project where these integrations occur as read only to limit users ability to change the data in Asana. The issue with this is that it’s going to take more time to assign tasks to users since the users will not be able to assign themselves to tasks.

I can easily pass URL links that include the Asana Task ID into the Asana task description field. Would there be a way to make it so that if a user clicks one of these URL links it actually triggers a Zap? The idea being that I could have one URL for assigning themselves to a task. Another option would be a URL that would move the Asana task from one section to another.

The simple way to get this done is to just have the URL point to a form that needs to be filled out and once the form is submitted it would trigger a Zap, but I want to avoid forcing the user to have to fill out a form. It would be better if it was just a simple click

I have been researching webhooks but I’m not familiar with that tool or how it works and I am not sure if it’s the right tool for the job.


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3 replies

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You’re definitely on the right path with Webhooks. If you can pass in details into the URL, you will be able to achieve what you need here. 

I’m really sorry that I can’t give a tonne more advice here without knowing your set-up - But essentially if you can pass in data to your webhook like this:

You’ll be able to send data to Zapier like this:


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Okay, I will give it a try. Might not be that difficult. 


On a side note, since I don’t need these links to actually take the user to a new page, would there be a way for the URL to be clicked but for no page to open? Or for a page to open but then close?

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Yeah - They don’t. It’s a total hack! haha