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Sending user information with GET request

  • 21 January 2022
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well, bit new to this but:


i want to send user information into whova with webhook.


got that to work all good.


problem is when sent over again all the information is sent once more to whova.


  1. the user information updates again. Not good since user might have updated their information in Whova
  2. becomes a lot of tasks since it senda everything over and over again. 2000 users again and againg

So, any idea how i can make it just send the latest added users from the database since the last update?


Best answer by CalleTheDontKnowGeek 26 January 2022, 08:39

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Hi @CalleTheDontKnowGeek 

Can you please outline your current Zap steps?
Perhaps post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

Hi @Troy Tessalone 


Thanks for the questions.


Yes, i have done like this:


It works and it sendt the info, but problem is, of someone has ex updated their name it now of course overwrites the whova information.


We have a CRM system where they fill out their information but uses whova as the event app


and also it sends all the crm information over again, so we get like 2000 tasks everytime the script runs which is not needed :) but of course want to add new attendees :)




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Filter steps can be added to the Zap:

@Troy Tessalone  thnx :) 


Ok will check it out,


but what should i filter on you think?

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Hard to say w/o referencing the app API docs used in Step 2 and seeing the data IN/OUT for each Zap step.

@Troy Tessalone  I understand. 


the documentation is in norwegian 😂 doesnt know if that helps…😂🙂


thnx for the help anyways

So i managed to list out just the last attendees. The thing is that i have to put at parameter in like:


api/updated_after=22-01-2022 14:00


So the date/time here wont change of course, so it will always just list/send from that point and out. I then have to change this manually.


From the API documentation there is only two option i parameteres: updated_after and updated_before and then date/time.


I could use the calls from zapier, but that will only change to the moment the zap runs which then wont list out anything.


SO - the question is then. is there anyway I can use the latest run in my parameter. Like from the zap history. 


Ex: lets say the last run happened 24 hours ago. Can i get that data and use it in my parameter? 


Dont know of that explained the problem and what I’m trying to do. 


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Hi @CalleTheDontKnowGeek 

Check out Storage by Zapier for saving and retrieving values to use in Zaps:

@Troy Tessalone awesome! Thnx again 👍🙂

So I actually solved it. 


What I did was to use multiple zaps which kicks off at different times during 24 hours. Each zap has it own API setting.




The zaps that fires at 12 har a API string which says updated after 07:49, since the zap which fires before this one goes of at 8:00


So i have zaps covering all 24 hours. from 00:00 to 23:59. 


I miss a minute as you can se over, but not a biggie for this.


@Troy Tessalone Thanks for your help :)



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Thanks for coming back to update the thread on your solution, @CalleTheDontKnowGeek! We love to see it. 🎉