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  • 9 November 2020
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I have successfully setup a Custom Request POST to create a record using a platform’s API. I would like to take the next step and receive the response data attributes and map them into a CRM record. I can’t seem to find any tutorials on how to receive and parse/map the response. 

What is the best approach here?

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4 replies

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@ericcapehart - Can you show me a screenshot of what the POST request step output looks like?

Below is a screenshot of the POST output. When I test the POST using their website, I receive a response that includes the newly generate contact ID. I’d like to receive and capture that response when using Zapier.



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@ericcapehart - Thanks for that! Does the API response only include the created contact ID with no additional information that could be used in the subsequent zap steps? In that case, you’d need to add a GET request step to fetch the contact from the API using its ID. 

The information I’m looking to capture is the contact profile URL, which is returned in the response. I’m not quite sure how I would set up a GET request without already knowing the contact ID that was generated in response to the POST.