Notion and Dropbox database

  • 9 September 2021
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I need some help with creating a zap between my files in Dropbox and a database I recently created using Notion.

1. I successfully managed to create my Zap that updates my database every time:
-  a new folder
- a file is added to my Dropbox

Now I am trying to create a Webhook which will ensure:
- every time a file is renamed in Dropbox, it updates the same file’s name in the Notion database
- every time a file is deleted from Dropbox, it updates the database and removes it from there as well
I would appreciate some suggestions, I have read a lot of articles and tried to watch some videos related to the topic but there’s not an actual explanation on how to do things step by step, considering I have never done anything such as and am considering myself a total beginner :)) 

I reached to the point where you create a Zap → Webhooks →  Catch a Webhook. But then you need to create an App on Dropbox so there’s some place to share your Webhook’s URL. On the top of it I am not sure what the exact steps are. 

Many thanks

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Hi @Kamelia 

Consider hiring a Zapier Expert to help: