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New MYSQL Row not showing up

  • 7 April 2021
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I am trying to figure out why anew row didn’t trigger the ZAP.  I have it set to New ROW(Custom Query).  It test’s out just fine.

This is the code:

SELECT order_id, order_extra_val_1, order_extra_val_2, order_extra_val_3, order_extra_val_4, order_extra_val_5, order_notes, order_total FROM ms_orders 
ON ms_orders.order_id = ms_cart.cart_order
WHERE ms_cart.cart_pic_date_org = '2021 Level 3-4-5 State Meet' AND ms_orders.order_extra_val_4 = 'Friday Session 1: Level 5 Junior A & B Senior A'


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4 replies

It did end up working, but took about 10 minutes.  Is that pretty normal?  Thanks!

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Hi @jfreeman1412 

FYI: The MYSQL triggers are NOT instant, so depending on your Zapier plan the trigger can take from 1-15 minutes to fire.


I am having the same issue. 

It has been about 30 minutes. 

If the actual updating takes 15 minutes, what is happening when I hit “run” on the zap? It seems like it is checking realtime and saying “no new rows”, although one was just added. 




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Hi @Rakmun did you still need help with this?


When you hit “run” on the Zap it will run the trigger right away (so it will “look” for new data, in this case it will run your SQL query and try to find a new record that the Zap hasn’t seen before).