Getting data from nested array within API

  • 16 November 2023
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Hey, I got a problem with gettin data from an external API in Zapier, which is more nested within the API.

The data I am not able to get are the “Categories” under “JopOpening” (see screenshot attached), which are again having arrays of data, from which I would like to get the “name” Element and insert it within wordpress.

This should just be added as text elements seperated by “,” within a metafield of the wordpress post.

I also attached some screenshot of my zap, the second step was a try to reformat those data, but did not work.

Does anyone have an idea if and how this is possible?

Thanks a lot.

Best regards





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5 replies

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Hi @ronjabaumann 


You probably want to remove the static “profile” value on the right side.


@Troy Tessalone Yes thanks I also deleted this, did not see before. But the main problem is to get the data from the “categories” path, still do not know how to do this.

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Try searching for the value of “professional” to narrow down the matching variables to match.


Hello again and sorry for the late reply.

I made some progress on the topic, but still did not manage to solve this.

Was able to extract some item list out of the array, but now I only want to get the terms after the highlightes numbers in my list and could not figure out, how to do this. Anyone has an idea?

@Troy Tessalone Thanks for your tips so far!


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Since the data is output as an Array of items, you’d likely need to use a custom Code step to parse and prep that data.