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Fullfilment of Shopify Orders

  • 6 August 2021
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Hey there,

right now I’m looking for an solution for this problem:

the current flow is this:

  1. we catch the hook (Zapier Webhook) from shopify “Fullfilment of Shopify Orders”
  2. we filter (Zapier Filter) the order “Line Item SKU” - “does exactly matches” - “DAILY-LIVE-SUPPORT”
  3. we send an Email (Gmail) to the customer with the exclusive Telegram Group


so right now I’m looking for an easy solution that this trigger only fires on the first order of this product, because this product is a subscription on a montly basis. that means the customer would receive the email every month when the subscription gets fullfiled. I like to manage it, that the customer only gets the email on the first time of purchase for this specific SKU/Product.


may you know an easy workaround or filter or something else to get it work like that.






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4 replies

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Welcome to the Community, @support-noitamation! :)

It sounds like you’ll want to get the Zap to keep a record of the customer subscriptions that have been sent an email in a spreadsheet or database app. That way the Zap can check the spreadsheet/database app to see if the customer subscription has already been emailed and if not, send out the email and record them.

There’s an article that talks about how to prevent your Zap from running for duplicate triggers, by keeping a record of ones that have already been processed, which you may find helpful on setting this up: 

Hope that helps get you pointed in the right direction! 

thanks - I’ll check it out

ok - I think I found the solution with “Lookup Google Sheets”


we set this steps:

  1. catch hook
  2. filter: only continue if “text matches exactly”
  3. Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets - if data in colume not found continue
  4. Delay for 1 minute
  5. Send Email in Gmail
  6. Delay for 1 minute
  7. Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets - if data in colume not found continue
  8. Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets - add data to colume


so when data “ID” is already in the Spreadsheet this flow should stop on step 3 - so customer who already are in the spreadsheet don’t get the email a second, third time and so on.


I think this works right now.

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That’s great news, @support-noitamation!

Thanks so much for sharing your solution here. We really appreciate it! :)