DocuSign API via SMS using Zap

  • 20 November 2023
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I have the Docusign’s API that supports SMS. The SMS fuction is not working does Zapier support the SMS function with DocuSign API.  

I have attached the DocuSign reply that asked I query Zapier. Please advise on how to fix this. 

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7 replies

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Hi @Ryan121 

Good question.

Try using the DocuSign API via the supported DocuSign Zap app actions.


@Troy Tessalone Here is the issue - see screenshot attached

the zap to docusign connection does not have a field for client phone number, which is the root of the problem.

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Have you tried reaching out to DocuSign Support for guidance on how to configure a DocuSign template to support SMS?


You may need to explore using the DocuSign API via the supported DocuSign Zap app actions.


Yes - Thank you for contacting DocuSign developer support, I hope you're doing well today. I would advise to reach out to Zapier to query with them if they allow SMS authentication via their integration with us. Due to the number of businesses that create integrations using our API, we don't track how they have built their integrations or what functionalities they allow.

Best regards,
Jonathan | DocuSign Developer Supportservlet.ImageServer?oid=00D300000000bS4&esid=0188Z00001dLVw6&from=ext

Troy, Who responsible for coding the Zapier actions using the DocSign API? How do I put in a request to add a phone number for the client receiving the DocuSign SMS?

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Most Zap app are created and managed by the app developer on the Zapier Developer platform.

Besides Zap apps by Zapier and top Zap apps, it’s unclear which Zap apps are managed by Zapier on behalf of the developer.

You can try submitting a ticket to Zapier Support:

I wouldn’t expect an update/fix any time soon tho by whichever party is responsible as it’s the holidays.

Hi @Ryan121 

Did you perhaps come right with this one?

I’m also looking to use the docusign sms OTP function and trigger it via zapier. 

It is a requirement of ours to send an sms and this is setup in the template I use. My docusign template is set up but zapier doesn’t seem to pick up the SMS field.

Did anyone get back to you?