500 error on Custom POST using formatter

  • 3 February 2021
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I am getting 500 Internal Error on a custom POST Request to Missive 



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5 replies

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Hi @Tdejene 

FYI: Zapier provides limited support for APIs, so may be best to direct your question to the app’s API support team.



500-503 errors are the most generic 500 series codes and can happen when an app’s server is down or experiencing other issues.


Check Zapier's status page and the app’s status page for information on on outages, maintenance, or downtime. If there is no relevant information, reach out to the app's team, or wait for the error to resolve.

If the 500 error occurred on your trigger app, no further action is needed because your Zap will run properly the next time Zapier can successfully poll the trigger. If the 500 error occurred on your action app, you can manually replay affected tasks.

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Hi @Tdejene!

Just checking in. How are things going? Was any of the provided information helpful? Let us know!

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From what I can see it looks like you’re request isn’t formatted correctly. 

Right after ‘starred’ should be an infos array like the below. Please reformat your request matching the documentation and try making the post again. Hopefully that should solve your issue though!



Thank you so much for the advise!  I did change the format and it looks like the Zap is being executed successfully.   However when I look at the data In and Data out section, I  see on the Data In tab all the correct fields from Aidaform but on the Data Out tab which I am assuming is being sent to Missive there is no data.

And when I go to the Missive app I do not see this data created.   So I am curious should i be seeing same information on the Data Out section that I see on the Data In?







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 Yes, if successful the contact should be returned. It appears that the field contacts was returned but it was empty. 


A successful response will look like the following.

  "contacts": [
"id": "5960dcd2-3382-4430-aa70-955a2c62040a",
"first_name": "Philippe",
"last_name": "Lehoux",
"starred": true,
"contact_book": "db3767be-f506-4bd4-9e8f-b67afa332d44",
"deleted": false,
"modified_at": 1556201911,
"infos": [
"kind": "email",
"label": "home",
"value": ""
"kind": "phone_number",
"label": "mobile",
"value": "+1 518 777-7777"
"memberships": [
"title": "CEO",
"location": "Québec city",
"group": {
"id": "f8905b6f-2d13-466a-a2e6-8e3de090a6d1",
"kind": "organization",
"name": "Missive"

I would try including the Host header