Zapier keeps grabbing the same Rows from Google Sheets - HELP

  • 25 January 2023
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We are using zapier for ticketing issuing. Essentially I have one zap pulling data from Woocommerce to a google sheet.
I then have another zap that is triggered on a new row.

I then use zapier to lookup rows in a spreadsheet we have that contain all the ticket numbers with an associated column that just says Purchased or Available, it looks up the first rows that have “available”.

It then targets those same rows and changes it to “purchased” whilst also putting the ticket numbers in a separate workbook to allow our CRM to send out the ticket numbers.
The issue I am having is due to volume of purchases, it keeps grabbing the same ticket numbers cause a duplication of tickets being sent out.
I have experimented with wait steps and filters but can’t find anything that will help. Essentially what I need is to not allow the zap to trigger until the contact in front of it finishes the workflow.

Any ideas?


2 replies

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Hi @YourJetLife 

You can use Delay after Queue action to make sure data are being processed in order:

As another example, due to issues this morning I missed out on 220 spreadsheet rows, If i were to upload existing data wouldn’t it just overlap the 220 contacts?