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Zap is set to check for duplicates in Keap but still creating record

Help! Zapier is creating a new record in Keap even though I have it set to find duplicates by email address. What am I doing wrong? 


My zap is in 3 easy steps:

  1. Google Calendar Zap: find google calendar event matching the criteria I want (success)
  2. Zapier formatter Zap: find the first email address listed in the event (success)
  3. Keap Zap: find contact in Keap based on the email parsed by Zapier Formatter (fail)
3 step zap


Here’s what is showing in the 3rd zap as the critieria:


Here’s the fail message screenshot “Error from halted execution: Nothing could be found for the search” - after I clicked the Continue button from above. The email address above (which I blacked out for privacy reasons) _definitely_ exists in Keap, but Zapier is not finding it.

error message when tested


Any help appreciated, thanks!


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 22 May 2024, 23:06

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Hi @KeapUserLP 

Try turning the Zap ON and testing live.

Then check your Zap Runs history to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step:

Hi Troy, Thanks for your suggestion! Unfortunately it turns out that my Zap is considered “multi-step” and I can’t do it on the free plan. I thought that Zapier Formatter zaps can count as a free step (I asked the chatbot) so that my Zap can be considered 2 steps, but apparently the chatbot was not correct, and it’s a 3-step Zap. Back to the drawing board….

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The Formatter Zap app counts as 0 Tasks in a Zap Run but still counts as a Zap step.

Good to know, thank you!!