Using Date/time transform in Templates cannot TEST action and use outcome in template

  • 19 October 2022
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Good day,


I am creating ZAP templates for our app, one of the templates needs some Date/time formatting in between steps. I used the Send Date/time Transform to Formatter by Zapier (1.0.3) to try and create a time formatter. 

This works well in a normal ZAP, but I cannot get it to work in a template, because there is no sample data in a template.

The problem is - I cannot go beyond that step without the test running, my templates now has an error - because there is no sample data found.

As a result, I cannot use the outcome in the following step, and cannot then publish the template.


How can I use a Formatter in a ZAP template? is there something I am missing here? This is where I get stuck, pressing the “test” button just hangs and if I skip the test, I cant get the outcome of this step to use in the subsequent step. How to get around this?



4 replies

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Hi @digitalpractice , 


If I understand you correctly, you want to map an empty field. I have posted a tutorial earlier just for that case



Hope this helps :) 

Thank you for the response, but this does not resolve my problem.

My challenge is on the “Zapier Templates side” not ZAP, I can run the exact same ZAP without a problem, because in the ZAP the data is there. But I am trying to create a Template.

I even entered the data manually in the template like so:


But still get the error - sample not found.


The test just hangs, even with a manual date entered, see image:


This only happens with the Zapier Date/time Formatter, any other block works fine in the template. 

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Hi @digitalpractice 


I believe its a problem with the version (since I dont have a version number beside it, which probably means this is an older version of the formatter). I tested the exact same data on my side and it worked without a problem. Maybe remove this step and recreate it with the newest Formatter version? 

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Hey @digitalpractice! I have seen errors like this in the past when the “To Format” field is filled out but the “From” format isn’t. Mind giving that a try to see if it helps? If not, and you’re on the current version as @MohSwellam suggests, then contacting our support team will likely be the next best step in getting this one resolved: