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Square Invoice - Error: not a valid enum value for invoice.delivery_method

  • 12 January 2024
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Attempting to send an email invoice to be paid by a customer, through SQUARE.

I am required to provide a DELIVERY METHOD to send the invoice. DEFAULT states “Email”. No field to tell it what email to use.

I assume “SHARE MANUALLY” means I have to send them the invoice. I want the invoice to be sent automatically.

I am collecting my data via AIRTABLE, and I accept email as a field.

If I use that email field as the “Delivery Method” I get this error.

but I don’t know what that means, or how I am supposed to specify which email to send the invoice to.


Please help.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 12 January 2024, 23:24

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Hi @ChefRude 

You would first need to create a Customer (with their email), then link the Customer to the Invoice, that would allow Square to send the invoice to the Customer email.


Ok, that would be difficult since we do not have the upgraded multi-zap account type. So we cant make them add the customer in the same zap, and then run the customer through to charge them. Setting two triggers, to happen simultaneously might work, once a new Airtable record is added, but I assume that will cause hiccups if one triggers before the other, and the customer isn’t there.

Since the people who are customers changes, and there isn’t a fixed list to refer to or an existing database of them.

Or wed have to upgrade the Zap account...

Is that correct?

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Zaps with 3+ steps need a Zapier paid plan.

Even if trying to use workarounds, you’d likely end up with with a multistep Zap.

OK thank you. I appreciate the guidance.