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Mailchimp error: Invalid Resource - Please provide a valid email address.

  • 23 February 2024
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I keep getting this error ‘Invalid resource - Please provide a valid email address’ - see screenshot

I have added the only email field available from the trigger - which is ‘

The zap adds that specific email address to mailchimp but it won’t add any other email address to mailchimp

What can I do to make it accept any email address added to the squarespace form?




Best answer by amy.luxx 7 April 2024, 09:20

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Hi @Cazbot Shiny 

For us to have full contacts, post screenshots with how your steps are outlined and configured.

Help articles for using Squarespace in Zaps:

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I recently had this same issue trying to connect a Squarespace form into Mailchimp via Zapier. 

Eventually I discovered that if the ‘Email Signup’ setting is activated on the email address field of the Squarespace form (this adds subricbers to your Squarespace database), then it flags the email address as invalid for Mailchimp.

If you remove this setting on the email field to limit subscriptions into Squarespace, then your zap will work and send the email to Mailchimp. 

This seems like a bug to me, but perhaps there’s something regulatory here about putting the email into two databases - I’m not sure. I tried to open a bug but got the response that I ‘don’t have email support in my plan’… but this seems like a bug they should investigate to me!

Give that a go, will be curious to see if it fixes it for you too! 


Thank you - I found a workaround but will try this at some point because it would be handy to have it work - I’ll post here when I do (no longer a priority job so it will be in a while).

Much appreciated