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GA4 - The event does not arrive on ga4 and the test is not successful.

Hi, I created a zap to create an event on GA4. The test is never successful and the event does not appear on GA4. I tried to change and update all the fields but it didn't solve.




Best answer by ken.a 3 July 2023, 08:02

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I am running into this issue aswell. Could you also add me to the list to notify me when this issue is resolved

Im having the same issue.


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Hi there @LvdB and @Vitor R,

We’ve added you both to the bug report which will help to increase it’s priority. As ever, we can’t give any estimates as to when you can expect this to be resolved by but we’ll definitely let you know once it is. Thanks for everyone’s continued patience here in the meantime, it’s much appreciated! 🙂