MySQL Zap batch treatment to save tasks

  • 3 March 2022
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I’ve successfully connected my SQL database (new row detected) to create a new row in a gsheet.

My SQL Db is updated in batch, so a dozen or so rows are created at once.

The zap then run X amount of time to add rows in the sheet.


Is there a way to do a batch that would zapp all rows at once and save up on the numbers of task ?

Maybe with a utility which would act as a tampon ?



1 reply

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Hi @Epare 

Most Zap app integrations are meant to work on a per record basis, meaning they will fire for each Zap trigger event.

If you’re able to send an array of data to the Zap trigger, then you can use this Zap action: GSheet - Create Row(s)

You may need to use a Webhook as a Zap trigger to receive the array of data: