GUIDE: Use OpenAI in Slack

  • 9 January 2023
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GUIDE: Use OpenAI in Slack



Get the Zap:



Provide a prompt in the form of a question or instructions as a message in a specific Slack Channel and get an autoreply message as a thread.



  1. Zapier paid plan
  2. OpenAI paid account
  3. Slack Workspace


Zap Steps


  1. Trigger: Slack - New Message Posted to Channel
  2. Action: OpenAI - Send Prompt
  3. Action: Slack - Send Channel Message (as Thread)


Step 3


EXAMPLE: Slack Channel Message

Used to trigger the Zap with a prompt for OpenAI.


EXAMPLE: Slack Channel Message Thread Reply

Zap sends an autoreply message thread with the results from the OpenAI prompt.


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4 replies

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Hi thank you very much for posting this. A few questions from my side:

  1. In section 2. Which prompt should I choose? Raw text? I want that the message sent to the channel will be passed on to chatgpt
  2. What message text do I have to use in step 3?

Many thanks

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Hi @Leo234432 

Good question.


For step 2:


For step 3:


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Amazing it is working! Thank you very much!

One more thing. I am planning to include both DALL E and Chat in one channel. How can I include a regex such as chat:messagehere to route the traffic to one or the other model? ;

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Try using Paths in the Zap.