Latest app improvements: WooCommerce

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Latest app improvements: WooCommerce

This post is dedicated to providing updates on bug fixes, enhancements, and new features added to the WooCommerce <> Zapier Integration. Please refer to the comments below for the latest information changes.

May 17, 2024

  • Added support for the WooCommerce Memberships extension's Membership Plans, including a new Membership Plan Trigger and Find Membership Plan action.

  • Added support for the WooCommerce Memberships extension's User Memberships, including a new User Membership Trigger, Create User Membership action, Update User Membership action, and Find User Membership action.

  • Added support for Order Notes, including a new Order Note Trigger, Create Order Note action, and Find Order Note action.

  • Added the ability to update/modify existing array (line item) data for Update OrderUpdate ProductUpdate CouponUpdate Subscription and Update Customer actions. This includes Line ItemsMeta DataShipping LinesFee LinesCoupon Lines and more.

  • Ensure tasks for WordPress error (WP_Error) webhook payloads Stop with an Error, rather than a Success result.

  • Improve trigger sample data structure for Deleted Trigger Rules.

  • Correctly handle input fields with type object and no properties are defined. Improves compatibility with some plugins such as Polylang.