Improved Offboarding with 'Remove Member' Feature

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Improved Offboarding with 'Remove Member' Feature

With this new feature available on the Team and Company plans, you can effortlessly offboard users from your Zapier account, so your essential Zaps continue to run smoothly during team changes.


So what does that look like?

  • Simplified Off-boarding: Experience a streamlined offboarding process that informs Super Admins of Zaps owned by departing users, so you can transfer ownership and keep business-critical Zaps running smoothly.
  • Uninterrupted Workflows: Keep your business-critical Zaps running smoothly, ensuring minimal disruptions and sustained productivity as your team transitions to new roles.
  • Enhanced Confidence: Offboard users with confidence. Zapier’s offboarding process gives you the safeguards you need to transfer Zaps and connections effectively, so personnel changes don’t break your essential processes.

Possible Use Cases

  • Employee Departure: When an employee leaves the company (involuntarily or voluntarily) and is removed from the account, Admins will see the user’s Zaps so they can be transferred to the appropriate admin or team member, preventing any disruptions in business workflows.
  • Role Changes: If a team member's role changes within the organization, and their access to Zapier is removed, Admins can see which Zaps the user owns, so they can transfer the Zaps to the appropriate users, keeping workflows uninterrupted.

How It Works

When a user is being removed from the account a modal will appear. This modal will alert the Admin that the user’s Zaps and app connections will be transferred over to that account owner, and provide recommended steps to follow.

The steps include:

  • Download a CSV of the user’s owned items
  • Read a help article called, “Offboarding users from your Team or Company account”

You can continue to remove the user or cancel the action. After the user is removed from the account an email confirmation with a CSV of the owned actions will be sent to the Admin.

What Do You Think?

Is this a feature you’ll be able to use? Does this help improve your offboarding process? Any feedback on how we could make it better?

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