App Improvements: Spotify

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App Improvements: Spotify

This post is dedicated to providing updates on bug fixes, enhancements, and new features added to our Spotify integration. Please refer to the comments below for the latest information changes.


Issue: Lots o’ Feature Requests!

Status: Updated


Recent updates made to the Spotify integration have expanded it from 3 triggers/5 actions to 5 triggers/18 actions, implementing features requested by users and incorporating the Podcasts API.

In order to get access to this new functionality, you’ll need to update your Spotify Zap steps, or create new Zaps. If updating a step, you can now do that in-line using the Update button located in the App & event sub-page of your Spotify step in the Zap Editor:


Zapier Editor Update button 










All existing functionality is maintained in the new version and you don’t need to update immediately, the older version will continue to function. 

Highlights of the new version:

  • Start/Resume Playback action
  • New Podcast Episode trigger
  • Find Top Tracks for Artist action
  • Add Items to Playlist action replaces Add Track to Playlist.



Issue: New Track Added to Playlist
Status: Updated
Details: The trigger will now fire for playlists up to 1000 tracks (previously limited to 100 tracks).  This trigger was also updated for a bug that occurred when a playlist included a track not available in your market and causing an error.