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Receive multiple records from Airtable and update them with another value?

  • 7 November 2021
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I am trying to solve the following problem:

I have several records in Airtables with two alternative values in one column that should be changed with the Slack command. (only one of the values is always used)

So in this case I have to choose the value myself and post it to Slack so all Airtable records should change to match this value.

I've managed to do that I have already:

Slack post -> GET Webhook to get all the right records.

I'm still missing a solution how to change these Webhooked records to the value I posted to Slackk.

Is this possible with Zapier?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 7 November 2021, 16:32

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Hi @vmmelio 

Perhaps try the Looping app to iterate thru all the returned Airtable Records from the GET Airtable API request:


Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured along with outlining a specific example to help us have more context, thanks.

Hi @Troy Tessalone 


I was thinking about looping, but that's where the limits come in quickly. I might have thousands of records that all need to be changed to the same value.

Now the steps are:

Post message

IF validation (whether the post is correct)

GET data from Airtable (all records)


And then I should make a list of the rows just retrieved and give them all the same value (The value that was in the post on Slack).


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Hi @vmmelio 

You may want to consider doing that more natively in Airtable.


Airtable has Apps.

Try the Batch update app:




Airtable has Automations:

Airtable Automations can be triggered by a webhook send from a Zap.

I'll have to look into that. Looks good, but I haven't found out yet if it can be controlled via API.

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Don’t believe Airtable apps can be controlled programmatically.


Some things to keep in mind if working with 1000s of records...


There are timeout issues to be aware of in apps.

e.g. Code step in Zaps and Airtable Run Script actions in Automations.


There are API limits to be aware of so make sure to check the proper documentation.

e.g. Airtable API has a max requests per second


Also the Airtable API supports pagination so you’d have to create a looping Zap to handle the pagination that has a max of 100 records per page.