Zap not running: New Spreadsheet Row (GSheets) trigger off Unique ID and Array Formulas

  • 16 April 2024
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Unique ID First Last Start Date Placeholder Notes Cancellation Checkbox
HA-X47 =ArrayFormula( =ArrayFormula( =ArrayFormula( =ArrayFormula(   FALSE
HA-32C John Smith 2/24 ... Needs Late Checkout FALSE
HM326 Jane Doe 5/9 ...   TRUE
IND416 Happy Gilmore 4/16 ...    


Trying to figure out why I’m not getting a zap run for a multi-step zap when adding a new row to my spreadsheet (Google Sheet). Help much appreciated. I’ve long used a Google Sheet to manage my short-term rentals and I use the booking ID as the unique ID. The rest of the columns populate with Array Formulas except Column 6 and 7 which are text notes and a checkbox for if/when a guest cancels. I don’t have the checkboxes hanging below the lowest filled-in row, in fact I generally wait a while before adding the checkboxes. Is the problem:

  1. The Unique ID + Array Formula combo doesn’t actually make Google/Zapier communicate a “New Spreadsheet Row” like it would if I were just typing in values or pasting one in whole?
  2. The blank column 6 (Notes) that only has data in some cells is the problem
  3. The Checkboxes in Column 7 are the issue
  4. Blank empty rows at the bottom of the sheet are affecting it
  5. Something else?

2 replies

I created a duplicate Zap and switched the initial trigger to run off of any changes to Column A. That worked just fine so I’ll probably roll with that but would still love clarity as to what the issue is as asked above from someone who saw the post and shook their head knowingly!

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Hi @Crayhead! 👋

I’m so glad you were able to get things up and running by creating a duplicate Zap that triggers for changes in a Column. 🙂

As for why the original Zap didn’t work, were any changes made to the spreadsheet like deleting rows or columns while the Zap was switched on? If so, perhaps that’s what caused a disconnect with the Zap. You can see the full list of changes that might have affected caused a disconnect here: Turn your Zap off before making changes to your sheet

Do you think that might have been the cause of the issue? If so, can you turn the original Zap off then back on again, then add a new row and let us know whether that gets it triggering again?