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Zap is adding NEW ROW to top of spreadsheet not the bottom

  • 31 March 2023
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I cannot get a zap to add a row to the bottom of our jobs sheet, the trigger is when an esign document is completed. this was working for a while but now it keeps adding it to the top throwing off many other dependencies built in. Yes i have modified the sheet while the zap was on, but now i just created a new zap and have not modified the sheet and its still adding a row at the top…..please help many automations and triggers are based on this and this should be a simple zap.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 31 March 2023, 19:49

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4 replies

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Hi @Eren 

Good question.


Rows are being added to the top of the spreadsheet instead of the bottom

The most common reasons rows are added to the top of a spreadsheet instead of the bottom of the sheet are:

  • Column A is missing a header
  • Column A is being hidden

Making column A visible again, and making sure it has a header usually resolves this problem.

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You are correct, I had Column A hidden thank you for the quick response and the solution. Very happy now

In my case Column A is not hidden - and zapier add new rows on the top. Please help

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Hi @brabus 

Probably best to submit your own post about your Zap issue to get proper attention and help.