How do I stop getting "Task was stopped because its Zap was turned off during its execution." errors?

  • 20 August 2023
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Hi - I have a Zap with a “Append Entry and Schedule Digest in Digest by Zapier” stage in it (collecting 10 Tweets) and when I set the Zap to disabled I continue to get the “Task was stopped because its Zap was turned off during its execution.” messages for days afterwards. I’ve stopped it, I don’t want to keep getting these messages for ever. If I turn it on again they go away, but come back when I stop it. Is the only way to get rid of them to delete the Zap? This seems to be a new behaviour, only seen it in the last few weeks.

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6 replies

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Hi @colindomoney 

Good question.

You can manage email notifications in your Zapier profile:


Hi - thanks for the reply. I understand how to disable email notification but this does not solve my problem because then I will also lose all notifications for my other Zaps which are working fine.


The problem I have is why I am getting any alerts at all on a Zap which is disabled. Surely they are disabled and should not be running? I assume they are using resources so who is paying for this - Zapier or me? How I stop these delayed tasks from running? It seems the only way to stop them is to delete the Zap entirely. 


This never used to work like this, something has changed in the last month. Any ideas?

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To help us have more context, can you post screenshots of the Zap and the Zap Runs as examples?

Hey @Troy Tessalone - here’s the Zap:


Here’s the error:


I’m sure the problem relates to the Append Entry stage which is awaiting up to 10 Tweets. I can see tasks queued in the Task Waiting state which I guess should be stopped instead of left waiting. If I delete all those tasks the alerts eventually stop coming some days later :) 


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If you suspect this is a bug, you can try opening a ticket with Zapier Support:


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The Zap Run errors are likely related to the Delay behavior and the Zap being turned OFF, which then causes the Zap Runs “delay” to hit an error because it can’t finish processing.


Digest and Zap History

In your Zap History, you’ll see individual Zap runs for each time the Zap was triggered, not only for when the digest is released.
The first Zap run in the Zap will have a status of Delayed until the digest releases (according to the frequency settings).
When the digest is released, the status of the Zap run will change to Success.