Google Calendar error message: Failed to create an update event in Google Calendar, the app returned "not found"

Hey Guys,

I have this Google Sheet with some fields:

adding the event to my Calendar works like a charm:

But I don’t now how I can Access this Event and. for example, change the Start Time. 


I get this error message!


I hope someone can help me!


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PS: when i change a row it creates a new Event but doesn’t delete the old one

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Hi @Lukas0610 !

Make sure you’re searching the right calendar and search terms. This step will search through the event names and description, so if you map the “comment” field from the Google Sheets trigger it should find the corresponding event 🙂 

As for the event not being deleted when a new is created, what are the trigger and actions you’re using? The Zap in your screenshots should only trigger when there’s a new row (not an update) and it should not create an event, so I’m assuming it’s a different one. However, it’s expected that no event will be deleted unless you’re using a Delete Event action. 

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Hi @Lukas0610 ! 

Just checking to see if you still need help with this? 

I realized another possibility for the error you were seeing in the Google Calendar action to Update Event is if the event ID from the previous step (the one that was found) was not mapped. You can refer to this article if you’re not sure how to do that: