Failed to create a tweet in Twitter: The app returned "Not Found"

  • 27 June 2023
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I have created a Zap that is triggered by the submission of a form via my Jotform account, and it’s intended to take the submitted photo(s) from the Jotform and post them to my Twitter account. I’ve verified the connection of both accounts, identified the fields containing the photo(s) and name of the person submitting the form, and a tag to be included with the post. But when I run a Test, the app returns “Not found” and I get the message “No data was found.”

I’ve tried skipping the test and publishing the Zap anyway, but it still errors out. 

I’ve tried removing the text to be posted, but it also still fails. 





1 reply

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Hi @CharlieZ 

Good question.

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