Error - Export BizConnect to Outlook Contacts: input data exceeds the max allowed value

  • 21 September 2023
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My zap exports name card data (e.g. name, phone number, email address, etc.)  from BizConnect and creates an Outlook contact. It usually runs successfully. However, it comes back with an error when there are more than 2 phone numbers on a name card.


The error message states that “Unable to create a contact: The multi value property businessPhones has 3 entries, that exceeds the max allowed value of 2.”


Could you kindly advise how we can resolve this issue? The best is that we can input the exceeded data into “homePhone”, if possible. However, I also do not mind resolving the issue manually when the error occurs.

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3 replies

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Hi there @sarazap, welcome to the Community! 

Ah yes, it looks like the Businessphones and Homephones fields are limited to only 2 numbers:
But I’m not seeing any such limitation mentioned for the Mobilephone field. Perhaps you could have the phone numbers added into that field instead?

If that’s not a viable option, it looks like BizConnect outputs multiple phone numbers into a single field so you’d likely need to use a Formatter (Text > Split Text) action to split up the phone numbers into separate fields. Then you can select the first two fields for the Businessphones field. And in the Homephones or field you’d select the third (and fourth if needed) fields. That way when the Zap runs and there are additional numbers they will be added into the relevant phone fields for the contact.

Hope that helps. If you run into any issues on that do let us know, happy to help further! 🙂

Hi SamB,


Thank you so much for your advice!


As the Mobilephone filed has been taken by other information, we went for the second option - splitting the text into two fields; Businessphones and Homephones. I was not sure how to do so with the Formatter, but I think I have managed to achieve the action using the Code by Zapier. I might come back here and ask if the code ended up not working.

Thank you and best regards,



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That’s awesome, @sarazap!

We’re glad to hear that you’ve found a solution by splitting the text into two fields: Businessphones and Homephones. Using Code by Zapier can be a powerful way to customize and achieve specific actions, so it’s great that you’ve explored that option.

Code by Zapier is considered an advanced feature. We might not be able to help you troubleshoot if the code ends up not working.

Nonetheless, we’re always here and happy to help if you have any other questions! 😊