ClickUp - "Cannot add Field Value to Task for Field in different Workspace" error

  • 9 December 2023
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how did you solve it? The same thing happens to me several times already :(

3 replies

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Hi @jansenvicky, welcome to the Community! 👋

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve split your post out into it’s own topic so it can get more attention as the previous topic was quite old. 

I did some digging around in the support tickets but couldn’t see a reply back to the support team so I can’t confirm whether they were able to resolve their similar issue. I also spotted that you’ve reached out to the support team and they identified that there appears to be a custom field (Field_042) that’s causing issues here. And that you’re now having some trouble figuring out which field, Field_042 relates to. Is that correct or were you since able to identify the field? 

I wonder if it might help to create a new Zap with a New Task trigger as that appears to list information for the available custom fields on a Task such as their names and ID numbers. For example:


That said the ID numbers shown appear to be much longer ID numbers than the reference Field_042. So I’m wondering if the 042 part might just indicate that it’s the 42nd custom field in the list of custom fields. In which case if you scroll down to the 42nd custom field listed on the test record for that Zap it may well be the field you’re after! Do you think that could be the case or are there no where near 42 custom fields available for ClickUp tasks? 

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

Hello,I still couldn't solve the problem :(, it only goes up to number 20, there are no 42
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Thanks for giving that a try @jansenvicky. In that case perhaps the Field_042 part of the error relates more to the type of error instead? 🤔

Let’s try a different approach. Do you have multiple workspaces set up in ClickUp that have different custom fields available?

If so, can you try reviewing the custom fields between each workspace? May be best to have the fields for each space in a different browser tab/window to compare everything side by side. Hoping that will allow you to more easily spot any custom fields that have values selected in the Zap, but that aren’t available to use in the workspace it’s attempting to add the task to. 

Just thinking that maybe the field is hidden or locked in some way? Or maybe the connected account doesn’t have permission to use it? Do you think that could be the case?

Keep me posted on what you find in ClickUp, keen to help locate this mysterious custom field that’s causing errors!