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  • 9 November 2022
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hello , i want to send bulk sms via telnyx , but i have like 10000 numbers in my google sheet , so i want to send to 1 to 2000 numbers at the specific time , and after 2 hours , i want to send sms 2001 to 3999 number , like after after 3 hours 4000 to 5999 , after sometime send to sms 6000 to 10000 

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5 replies

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Hi @jasindsd 


How does telnyx work? Do you choose one number to send to every time or multiple numbers at a time. 

I dont see this working for several reasons. 

10,000 numbers means 10,000 tasks , is that a per day number? 

Yes i can send more than 10k sms from 1 numbers , no problem.

How i can set 📐

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Hi @jasindsd 


Using Google Sheets won't be possible for this. I would suggest using Airtable instead. 


It would be very tricky to avoid throttling by Zapier (100+ tasks triggering at the same time). Keep in mind you need a paid plan that allows 500K Tasks per month (10K sms per day x 30 days = 300K) 


Are those daily or one time? The approach would be a bit different but same idea


What you would do is to first set Airtable. In Airtable you would need to create a view that would trigger less than 100 sms at a time. You can achieve that in many ways. Best way would be to add an autonumber field and create a formula that would trigger at certain times per day based on this autonumber. 


Upon sending the sms you need an Action to update Airtable to specify that the message was already sent (preferably a date field so you can filter it out of the view then by choosing a filter “Date Message Sent is not Today”). This would double the amount of tasks you need per month, i.e.: 600K tasks. In case they are one time tasks then you dont need this part AND the trigger would be New Records in Airtable View instead of New or Updated Records in Airtable view. 


You could then add the Action to send the sms in telnyx

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Hi @jasindsd - checking in on you here. Moh gave you quite a thorough set of instructions! Let us know how you’re getting along or if you need any other support.