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New Outlook email triggers twice

Hi. I’ve set up a Zap to trigger on new email to my inbox in Outlook. I then have a filter (looking for a keywords in the subject line).

This is working, except that the Zap is triggered twice. Not immediately, but after a number of hours. Eg: 3:30am, then 10:00am.

Any thoughts as to why this would be? Any filters I could put in place to stop it?



Best answer by robschmidt 6 June 2022, 17:01

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Hi @jtaylor_gx 

It could be because of replies sent to the email thread. I’d suggest you to check history of both of the runs and compare the data received. If not identical, you should be able to add a filter that will only pass through the main/initial email. If both runs trigger on same/initial email I think its better if you contact support.

Thanks @robschmidt. I exported the data for the two Zaps that were triggered. I found a couple of input points on which I could filter further on:

  • isRead
  • lastModifiedDateTime

It looks like the trigger is happening after the email is marked as “Read”. This seems a bit counter intuitive as the email is not “new” after being received initially.

Anyway, this has put me on the right track. 

Thank you!