Monitoring Zaps for trigger spikes, failures and errors

  • 8 July 2021
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My team would like to be notified quickly in the following two cases:

  1. A zap stops firing or has a sudden surge / drop beyond some set of runs per minute
  2. A zap begins to experience errors

This is essential for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest is that Zapier makes it so easy to destroy critical workflows. For example, if you change the ownership of a webhook, the url changes and it’s also very easy to disable a zap by accident. There are many other cases as well.


Essentially, we’d like a comprehensive solution for monitoring our zaps for anomalies, whether it involves setting up a bot on an external server or using Zapier directly


It seems like the only option we have is using Zapier Manager as indicated here, but this still feels like a poor, unstable solution

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3 replies

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Hi @Dustin 

Unfortunately, Zapier doesn’t an API available yet for managing Zaps or stats.

Zapier Manger is one way to go as you mentioned:

Check out the Email Notifications section in your Zapier account settings.


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@troy Do you have any Enterprise customers who have situations where Zap failures and inconsistencies are unacceptable? I feel as if there must be some more robust solution being followed by larger customers using this for critical processes, even if it doesn’t directly involve Zapier.


We’ve contacted support and realized that no built-in solution exists which is why I’m asking in the community forum, as we need more than what you’re saying exists purely on this platform to validate that what we are doing on the platform isn’t breaking.

We want to continue using zapier so that non-engineers can handle integrations, but long term this won’t be viable if we can’t have a robust, automated process to notify us when issues occur

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I primarily work with SMBs, so generally the Zapier Manager and Email Notifications are enough of a monitoring harness.

Sort of Zap related - Many of the apps have status pages that you can subscribe to for alert notifications:,

One thing to keep in mind is that many of the apps and Zapier architecture is built using other apps (e.g. AWS) so sometimes the root issues are beyond anyone’s control.


This may be overkill, but one thought is to include a Webhooks/Code step in each Zap that sends a webhook with a custom configured payload to a designated endpoint that you can use for logging and analysis.