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Link to Zaps missing from menu after logging in

This one’s a head-scratcher. Not a major issue, but I’m more curious than anything.
I’m on a Mac using Chrome (and sometimes Ffox).


When I log in to Zapier, I don’t see my zaps right away. On the left column is
    Why Zapier?
    Teams & Companies
and the main content has “Welcome to Zapier” text with recommended workflows.


For me to get to my own zaps, I need to click on “Pricing” and then the left column changes to the more familiar


Does anyone else need to take this extra step to get to their own zaps after logging in to Zapier?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 28 July 2021, 18:59

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Hi @a1angeles 

Yes, I encounter this issue as well.

Workaround, once you log click refresh in the browser.

It’s been awhile since I logged into Zapier, but I see this as well.

Based on the lack of response from anyone at Zapier, I assume the company is in “don’t give a xxxx about customers” mode at the moment?

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Hi there @a1angeles and @sekretzap. Thanks so much sharing your candid feedback and as always appreciate you sharing that workaround @Troy Tessalone!

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this bug in the Editor and the response has been so delayed. Totally not our intent to leave you feeling unheard.  

If you’re still seeing this at login, if you don’t mind taking a screenshot and/or gif of what you’re and contacting our support team. They’ll have the ability to log this as well as setup internal tracking. This helps our team track other impacted users like yourself and prioritize bugs moving forward.

Thanks for your help ensuring Zapier and this community is a quality product and experience for everyone.


That's what I see on mobile, and same on desktop.

There is no way I can tell to access my zaps or linked applications.

I have to dig up direct links to those in your documentation.

menu is also zero help.


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TIP: Try refreshing the page once logged into.

Then, click the menu button at the top left to reveal the menu options which includes a link to your “Zaps”.


No, it doesn't. That is a great idea, though.

The menu is currently useless for me


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TIP: Try using a new/private browser.

I was not able to replicate on my mobile device after logging in.

I was able to successfully login on my mobile device and produce the menu shown in the screenshot above with a link to the ‘Zaps’.

For troubleshooting purposes, make sure to outline the specific steps you are taking and indicate the device, operating system, and browser you are using.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here: this is likely an idiot user caching or cookie issue. :)

I appreciate the assistance with narrowing down where the issue likely lies.