How to search for a record in Airtable when the data isn't exactly the same

  • 11 April 2023
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How do I search to find a record in Airtable from Eversign, if the value from Eversign contains more information than the data in Airtable.


Data is stored in Airtable (automatically populated from Kartra) with collumns for Full Name and Email Address

I want Zapier to find the record when a document is signed via Eversign. However the data from Eversign is not just the clients details, it always has ‘my name’,’their name’ or ‘my email’,’their email’


I think I need a search formula which will just search for the second half of the data from eversign and to ignore ‘my  name’ or ‘my email’


Thank you!

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3 replies

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Hey there @emilysocialva,

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I did some digging into this, and it seems like you can use Formatter by Zapier (Extract Pattern) to extract the data in text. We have a Community post that explains this feature in detail here:

Give it a read and try it out. We'd love to hear how it goes!

Thanks! 😊

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Hey! Thanks for this. I’m a little bit confused about how formatter works - but might be able to work it out.


I’m wondering if there’s a simple solution if my text is always in the same format. It’s always the second half of the phrase ‘my name’, ‘clients email’ that I want to find, so a formula should work?


From the community post it says: ‘’Sometimes you can use the Formatter Split text function, if the item will always be in the same place, but it’s not always that straight forward.’’


How do I do this please? (I’m very new to Zapier!)

Thank you!

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Hi @emilysocialva 

You may want to try it out to see if it will achieve the workflow you want.

Here are links that can help:


Let us know how it goes!