How to seamlessly integrate Lofty with Follow Up Boss via Zapier for consistent activity logs?

  • 21 December 2023
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I have integrated lofty with follow up boss. I have a website that I set my clients up on a search with. The activity log that shows up in my follow up boss does not show all of the same activity I receive in my lofty account. I can see when my client views or favorites a listing and all of the information about what they were doing on my website but not on fub only on lofty, I lose a ton of the information with the integration and it seems as if Zapier picks and chooses what and when things are sent.  I don’t see the activity when my clients are viewing the website all the time and it’s very inconsistent with the information it sends to fub. What seems like it should be an easy integration has been a nightmare getting my systems all working functionally for my business! . This seems to be a very basic functioning of use for Zapier and any guidance as to how to get these systems to communicate properly would be gladly appreciated. New to Zapier and integrations. I do not have any zaps setup as the triggers and options available will not allow me to integrate seemelessly. I need help figuring out how to debug this issue as there are no current triggers or actions that can directly fix this issue. I currently have a FollowUpBoss pixel installed in the coding of my website which is the only function allowing the two separate systems to appropriately talk to one another. There are many issues with it. Which is why I have leaned towards Zapier for an answer and resolution. I have looked into webhooks a bit. Not familiar. Need help ASAP. Transitioning my business over. 

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2 replies

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Hi @Isaac Loviglio 

Check out the available Zap triggers/actions:



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@Isaac Loviglio 

Try asking AI for help outlining the Zap steps