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How to record refund in Wave from WooCommerce?

  • 3 December 2023
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I’m trying to make sure my Wave has all the transaction related to an order.

When I create an sale order in Wave, I pass the Woo order ID, to prevent creating sale record by mistake and have duplicate.

Now If I have to refund the order after the order has been marked as “completed” in Woo, either full or partial refund, I would like those go to Wave either as a new record with negative price or update the existing sale record in Wave to show the transaction records.

So what is the best way of doing this? to make sure the bookkeeping in wave is accurate?


Best answer by shalgrim 12 December 2023, 20:51

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Hi @rezshek 

Good question.

Check out the available Zap triggers/actions for each app:

Thanks @Troy Tessalone 

Sorry if I was not clear, but that was the first thing I did, to check those triggers and actions. Sync the order from Woo are going to Wave as sale order, there is no trigger or action in Wave side to modify the sale order.

As a result I thought I might be able to create a new sale record in Wave but with negative value for sale value (refunded amount), but when i use the sale record trigger with negative value, it is giving me an error as the value should be positive :(


So now I’m stuck as there is no way that I can think of either by using the current trigger or actions.


Any other option recommendation? @Troy Tessalone 

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You would likely have to explore using the Wave API:

App APIs can be used in Zaps via these apps:

Thanks for your reply @Troy Tessalone 


But this is such a normal transaction and need, which I think it should be available in the connection trigger and/or action, out of the box in the zap:(


Thanks for your help

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You can try reaching out to Wave Support for possible guidance.

I already did.

Thanks @Troy Tessalone 

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Hi @rezshek ,

We have an open feature request to add a Create Refund action for Wave.

I have gone ahead and logged your email as a vote for that feature. I don't have an ETA on when that might happen, but the developers at Wave have access to this feature request as well!

As we have your email logged as a vote there, we will be sure to drop you an email to let you know as soon as we get any news on that front.

Thanks @shalgrim 

I hope it can get deliver soon as it’s kind of necessary! :) 


Thanks again