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How to pull screenshot of table (specific cells) from Google Sheet?

  • 3 September 2021
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Hello all,


I have a Zap set up but just running into a tiny problem that has become a head scratcher. My firm provides business financing. I have created a formula to provide prospective clients with a quote for what an offer would look like using Gravity Forms and Google Sheets. Upon submitting the Gravity Form it automatically updates a chart in Google Sheets and redirects the client to a different page showing them their quote.


So all is good and fine except one tiny issue.  It is not a unique URL so every time a NEW client submits a quote request the table updates and changes.  This of course does not scale and if a client ever wants to come look at their quote later on it will likely be different.


Here is a step by step of the Zap.


Form Submission in Gravity Forms (

Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets (with Gravity Form Submission Data)

Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets (find newly created row)

Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets (in a different sheet that is used for providing the quote (i.e. this row changes each time a new submission comes in and automatically updates the respective table)


This is where they are redirected to:


How could I get a screenshot of the Google Sheet table at submission OR pull the data and put it in a visually appealing table where the data would not change?


Any thoughts?


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Hi @4pillarfunding 

Yes, you can do that using Zapier:

  • When someone submits Google form
  • Use google drive copy file action to copy the response sheet
  • Use find file to get the PDF version of the sheet
  • Send it out or save it to a new folder in google sheet
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Just wanted to follow up here to note that it’s possible to use CloudConvert’s Capture a Website action to take a screenshot of a Google Sheet (as long as it’s a publicly accessible - meaning a login isn’t required to view it). This is discussed in a related thread here: 

To get a copy of the data, robschmidt’s suggestion of making a copy of the Google Sheets file containing the quote data and then getting a PDF version of it, would work well. 

One thing to note here, is that to get the PDF version you’ll want to select the exportLinks > application/pdf field from the Google Drive Find a File step. For example: