How to import public Facebook data into Google Sheets?


I am creating a project/school for anyone who wants to grow and monetize with social media. I would like to be able to track in my platform (SuiteDash) my students current follower counts, page likes, group members, group ilkes, and in general just a couple things like that for my students to see all their social profiles statistics on my platform.

I have gathered the best way is to get the stats into a google sheet, then update it with Zapier on my platform since SuitDash allows me to integrate with Zapier, giving me a token and user ID.


I simply cannot for the life of me figure out how I can track my individual students Facebook pages, their groups, or personal accounts. I have done this without API for Instagram accounts only “scraping” their follower count. here is the Google Sheet formula and explanation if anyone would like to use it:

=VALUE(REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(""&CELLNUMBER&"/","//meta[contains(@name,'description')]/@content"),"(\d+,?\d*) Followers"))

^^^ Replace the CELLNUMBER with with wherever the username is and it will return with the users follower count.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to devise a formula for Facebook because I’m not too bright with the sheets formulas. Also since I believe Facebook has features in place to prevent things like this. 


QUESTION: I don’t mind tracking FB groups, FB Pages, and FB accounts in individual sheets, but Is there a way to take a link/username from cell A1 and have the follower count and like count (page and group only), show up in the other cells. I understand a very small bit of Zapier functions, but I dont know how to set this up. Preferably without API, but if API is the only way to go I have already created a meta developer account and dont mind getting into the API usage.


All help is appreciated, even if you have another way of doing this.

Thanks in advance!


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Nick here (OP)

I forgot to add that I have even experimented with the app scripts in the Google Sheets but I’ve only used AI to write the code (which didn’t work)  but I’d like to point out for others in the future that this is also an option where you could theoretically connect your APIs to use within Google Sheets

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Hi @Nick Angelino 

Apps like Metricool have APIs that can be used to get the data from certain social sites:

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Hi @Nick Angelino


We are just wondering if you are still encountering the same issue as stated above. We would like to troubleshoot with you and ensure that this is addressed.


Kindly post a screenshot of the Zap showing how it was configured so we can troubleshoot further. Please remember to obscure any personal information in the screenshot.


We’re looking forward to your response.