How to differentiate between adult and kids memberships in GoCardless triggers?

  • 1 December 2023
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Hi Folks,

Looking at integrations with GoCardless, but I have two types of club memberships; adult and kids. I noticed in the action triggers, I can select Mandate Created, but it appears this is for everything, every single mandate through my GoCardless account.

Where I actually have different forms setup with different payment levels. Is there any way to tag or track whether it’ is an adult membership or a kids membership? instead of just a singular mandate.


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3 replies

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Hi @TokyoChamp 

Good question.

Try these options:

Hi @TokyoChamp 

Good question.

Try these options:


Hi Troy,

Thanks for the information. Sure Filters and Paths appear that they would work in terms of Methods, through selecting a condition, meeting it and then proceeding.

However, my issue is that I don’t see any values in the data being pulled to meet the conditions. For example, every value appears to be different to the customer from the customer id and the mandate links etc. I can’t find anything on the records, using Zapier that shows a distinguish difference between what membership they have taken. - Perhaps there could be a custom field or something I’m missing that I could set up on the GoCardless end?


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Try reaching out to GoCardless Support for guidance about their Zap app integration.