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How do I use AI Actions with a FULL Zap?

  • 9 February 2024
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I understand AI Actions are still experimental.

It looks like they have access to a lot of Actions that are stable and not “Beta”.

But, how do I use the Zapier AI Actions with a FULL Zap?

Meaning, say I have a custom GPT hooked up to trigger AI Actions, as described here:

I can choose from single actions, or have a GPT use multiple REQUIRED_ACTIONS.

I do not see where to connect it to FULL ZAPS with multiple steps that already exist in my account.

Does anyone know if it’s possible?

(I am not asking about calling a custom GPT from within a Zap.)


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Hi @TORLEY, lovely to hear from you again! 🙂

Perhaps you could use a Zapier AI Action that matches the event that would trigger the Zap.

For example if you had a Zap that triggered when a “New Record” is added to a Zapier Tables table, you could set up a Zapier AI action for the GPT that used the “Create Record” (Zapier Tables) action. Then whenever the GPT created a new record in the table it would trigger the Zap and run all the action steps within the Zap.

Do you think that approach could work?

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@SamB Thanks for helping me think through this, oh you’re so clever. Hmm, I can see where that could work, but I already have some Zaps with their own specific triggers, so I might have to fire them off another way. Or make copies/variants of a sort.

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Aww, you are most welcome @TORLEY! 🤗

Yes, as changing the trigger would be needed you’d be best off making a copy and changing the trigger on the copied version. As long as the trigger you change it to matches the action event that the GPT is performing it should work.

Though, I want to also note that you’ll want to check whether the GPT is able to supply the same level of information that the previous trigger did. If it doesn’t then you’d likely need to add search actions to the Zap to obtain any required information that it’s missing so that it can be used in later steps of the Zap.

If you run into any issues getting that to work do let me know, always happy to assist further!