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How do I update "First Row" in Google Sheets to a new row daily?

  • 5 September 2023
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I am using “Get Many Spreadsheet Rows (Advanced, output as Line Items) in Google Sheets” and I want to update “First Row” to a new row every day.


For example:

Today : I set “First Row” to 2

Tomorrow : I want “First Row” to automatically change to 3

Day after Tomorrow : I want “First Row” to automatically change to 4

etc etc etc …


Can anyone please recommend me the best way to do this.


Thank you!


also just a bit of a background, I have a new tweet saved in in a new row in google sheets, and i want to automate posting new tweets. hence any best practices/recommendations would be highly appreciated!


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3 replies

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Hi @sbakali, welcome to the Community! 

Am I right in thinking that you’re just wanting to retrieve a single row that contains a tweet for that specific day?

If so, I wonder if a better way would be to add a column to the spreadsheet that contains the date you want the tweet to be used. Then you’d use a Lookup Spreadsheet Row (Google Sheets) action to search for the row using the date.

I’m guessing you’re using an Every Day (Schedule by Zapier) trigger to run the Zap each day and search for the next tweet, is that correct? So you could use the date that’s output by the Schedule by Zapier trigger, as the value that the Lookup Spreadsheet Row action would search for. That way, the Zap should always be able to find the correct tweet from the spreadsheet. 

Do you think that approach could work here or have I misunderstood the desired workflow here? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey @SamB !

Thank you so much for this! My Zap works as desired.


Thank you once again!

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You are most welcome @sbakali! So glad that approach did the trick! 😁🎉

Seems like you’re all set for now but please do reach out in the Community again if we can assist with anything else Zap-related - we’re always here and eager to help!