How do I fill the description in Asana task with all the answers given in a Typeform?



I need help understanding how to map all submissions from a Typeform into my Asana Task. 

Based on the information given, I want to fill the Asana task description with the relevant information. 

Like if a person selected one specific type of design from a dropdown list I would then want the Asana task to have all of the information from the logic rules and answers given in the Typeform to automatically fill in. 


Please help! 


Thank you 


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Hey @AmyStout ,


This is possible to build a Zap. 


Trigger - New Typeform Submitted

Action - Create a task on Asana and map all the values from trigger event 

The mapping of the values into the description is not logical though. 

I don’t always need everything.. i just need it to bring in what has been selected in the original Typeform if that makes any sense.