How can I use form data to trigger an AI chat?

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I need to build a basic prototype of an app that does the following:

1) Collect user data via a web form.

2) Send the form data to GPT4 API to generate a report based on the submitted form data.

3) Feed the AI-generated report as a prompt into a chatbot.

4) Let the user chat with the contents of the report.


Is this flow possible with Zapier?

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Hi there, @richmdandan! 👋

It should be possible to create a form in Zapier Interfaces that collect the necessary user data which can be passed to a Zap with a ChatGPT action that analyses and produces a report. But it’s not currently possible for a report to be automatically added to a Zapier Chatbot.

Any files to be used as a knowledge source would need to be manually uploaded to the chatbot. There is the option of connecting a Zapier Table as a knowledge source but I should note that you would need to manually re-sync the table as automatic syncing isn’t available at present. 

I’d recommend reaching out to the Zapier Chatbots team here to let them know that you’d like the ability to be able to feed AI-generated reports into a chatbot. That’ll get this feature on their radar as a new feature request and allow us to start tracking interest in it! 

Hope that helps. If I come across any alternative ideas or workarounds in the meantime I’ll be sure to share them here! 🙂

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Thanks Sam